Family & Friends Referral

Introducing Robb Residential Family & Friends 

At Robb Residential, best in class customer care is our mantra. Our point of difference lies in our people and in the delivery of service excellence. The Robb Residential team owns and shares in its commitment to delivering that service excellence, we always put our clients first to ensure we provide a positive experiential property journey and, we think it shows. So many of our successful property sales to date started with a referral from satisfied former clients recommending our firm because of our high levels of customer service. We know that this is a very good sign, and we are equally keen to build upon it.

We are committed to and keen to broaden our client base and for those clients loyal to our firm we make the following Family & Friends referral offering; 

House Sale Referral

If you recommend a Family member or Friend and we are fully instructed and engaged to sell their home while we are selling yours, we will reduce both your and their selling commission by 5%.*

If after your sale has successfully completed and you introduce a Family member or Friend to sell their home and Robb Residential are fully instructed to sell their home, we will rebate to you 5% of the selling commission and we will reduce their selling commission by 5%*

Landlord Referral

Refer a new Landlord to us and when we are engaged to manage their property we will make a referral payment to you of £100.

All you need do is pass on the name and contact number of a landlord who might be interested in hearing from Robb Residential, we will do the rest.

We work hard to provide all of our clients the best possible experience when selling or letting a property. You can be assured that in recommending Robb Residential to your Family & Friends, we will not only deliver outstanding service, but we will use all of our knowledge and scope of expertise to provide best in class customer care as well as prompt and  effective results that you, your Family & Friends  can rely on and trust.

For more information on Family & Friends of Robb Residential, and to spread our spirit of Family & Friendship please contact 

*Terms & Conditions

The Family & Friends referral scheme is open to individuals and companies in the UK, the recommendation must be recorded at the first contact with Robb Residential and the offer is not applicable to existing customers, clients or landlords already registered on our databases.

Participating in the referral scheme doesn’t make you our agent or employee. You are not entitled to use our trademarks or copyrighted materials.

You may make as many referrals as you like.

Referrals must be for new clients that are not already on our databases or are existing clients.

You cannot refer yourself or your spouse, you can refer family members. 

An email from you will confirm, date and time the referral, we will cross refer our database and providing the referral qualifies and is not an existing landlord or client on our database, your referral reward will become due and payable, in the case of a house sale, following safe receipt of our sales commission on the date of entry and in the case of a landlord referral upon collection of the first month’s rent. No discount or reward will be due if we are not made aware of the Family & Friends referral before we are instructed to sell or let a given property.

If more than one person claims to have introduced your Family member or Friend, we will pay the referral reward to the first one we became aware of, confirmed by the timed and dated email of introduction. Our decision on this will be final.

Your referral reward will be paid direct to a UK bank account—we’ll ask you for the details when the referral is first made.

We will not share with you any confidential information about your Family members or Friends business.

You will be solely responsible for any tax due on the referral reward. 

We will not be liable for any losses resulting from lost referrals or late payment of referral rewards.

We can withdraw or change the terms of this scheme at any time without notice.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken Government advice and temporarily closed our office. If wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to email the addresses below: and

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

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