Private Sales Post-Pandemic

Published on: 3rd May 2021

As we emerge from lockdown, this article feels like it captures our different approaches to risk. The piece might read like a bit of Fleet Street gossip, and we’re aware not many Robb Residential clients will take the Guardian, but the subtext is apt – we’ll all emerge into greater society in our own time and when we are comfortable. 

At Robb Residential this means that some of our clients are opting to sell privately, allowing listing preparation and subsequent viewing – in a highly active market – to be managed in a COVID-secure and safe manner, as well as realising the benefits of a private sale. With four million people isolating in England, and 180,000 doing so in Scotland, we realise that as we open up and wider travel is allowed, it’s important our sales offerings can meet everyone’s needs. 

At Robb Residential we have always prided ourselves on service excellence and offering only high-quality homes and properties. As a result, we have vast experience in selling off-market, bringing together buyers and sellers who match each other’s needs. If you are shielding, live in a remote area or have curtain-twitching neighbours, perhaps a private sale is the way to go – we are seeing some properties having excess of 50 viewings in a short space of time, with many viewers keen to buy and conclude.   

Private sales are discreet, easier to manage for sellers, and often achieve more satisfactory prices due to the tailored approach. Some sellers prefer to be private, but increasingly COVID security is a factor, with viewers and owners conscious that they want to avoid the hassle or expectation of catering for too much significant interest. Our database and bespoke matching service at Robb Residential is ideal for effecting any off-market sale and achieving the best price.” 

Iain Robb, Director, Robb Residential 

There are many advantages to selling off-market 

  • Using the Robb database to match buyers with your property typically achieves a quicker sale 
  • Savings of time and money on marketing, as Robb Residential will work on your behalf to bring the right potential buyers to your property
  • Well-matched buyers and investors are more likely to meet your desired price, removing the stress of uncertainty
  • Where properties are being let, off-market selling means your property does not have to be vacant for possible buyers to be sought.

To discuss a private, off-market sale, please contact Robb Residential for a confidential chat.  

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Disclaimer: all statistics, percentages and references are correct at the time of writing.